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[08 Jul 2006|04:35pm]
[ mood | good ]

Type your name with your...
Nose: lauren
Elbow: lauren (<-- wow. that one surprised me!)
Tongue: laurem
Chin: ,ahyrfdenb
Heel: lasujrebn
Eyes closed, one finger: lsuren
Back of hand: okau8renn
Palm: lasurfedn
Wrist: kzsjuftrdre n


that was fun.

i haven't really written anything of consequence in a while. however, i am having a lazy saturday and i have time to now. i just don't know how "of consequence" it will actually be.

let's see... i wish i could be completely candid in here but there are things i could say that would make people think less of me and i'd really rather not cause that kind of drama.

i had a very wonderful night with alex last night. we were supposed to go to the drive in with my parents but we left too late and missed it by about 15 cars. so instead we ran around fayetteville trying to find a theater that was not sold out of Pirates 2 and there wasn't one. so after helping martin's friend - who is also the biggest prick i've ever met - back his boat out of the drive way, we all went to noodles where my mom asked alex a bunch of personal questions while i was laughing like a crazed person.

it really hit me last night how special i consider alex to be. he's one of my closest friends and one of the few boys in my life that has remained just a friend boy of both sides of the relationship. cole, my lover, is also one of these boys. they are very similar as far as friends go - not to each other but who they are to me. they are so much like brothers to me and there are so few people that i can just laugh and talk with. they also send me things that they have written which does a lot for my heart to read because i know how personal writing can be. i love love love my boys.

i started college algebra on monday night. i actually kind of like it (yes... i say that now...). the class goes quickly even though it's three hours long. katie johnson is in my class! it's not like we get much of a conversation opportunity in algebra but it's nice to know that the person sitting beside me is someone i've considered a friend for the last six years. my first test is on tuesday and i have a test every week after that.

summer is going by so quickly. i guess that's just what happens when you stay busy - even if it is just work. i cannot wait to go back to school. i miss my dorm room so much and i miss my school friends. i'm really interested to see how the dynamic of Stafford changes next year. it will be weird to live in the same room and see all of the faces around you change.

on that note, i am leaving on august 5th to go back to school. it's early because i'm working for the school and my job requires me to help with opening. the building i work in is a new building so i get to set up the new desk and the mailroom myself. i adore my boss there. she's so ballsy and so funny. she doesn't hold anything back and i am really comfortable in that because i feel like if i really need her i can go to her. also, her name is Cat.

i'm spending time with josh tomorrow and i'm looking forward to that. i see him every once in a while because i pop in on him at work when i'm on my way to or from something. it's just not the same as him living only two floors above me though. we didn't spend as much time together second semester. he's been a really good friend lately and he listens to me whine and complain about various things. of the people in my life who transcend the high school/college friend line, i'm glad he's one of them.

i went into barnes and noble on my lunch break yesterday which, as always, was a mistake. i ended up buying three books. i don't know why i think i can just pop in there and look around because i never can.

i bought "the westing game" which is one of my favorite books of all time. the writer, ellen raskin, said she writes for the child in herself - really she writes for the adult in children.

i also bought "the phantom tollbooth" which i first read in 6th grade. i'm looking forward to reading it again. i remember loving how literal everything was.

i'm really just waxing nostalgic here.

i plan on talking to my advisor when i get back to school. i think it's time to declare a major: elementary education. i think it fits - it sure feels right. and anyone who has talked to me for any span of time would know how much i do by just going on feeling - it's the reason i'm at mizzou.

i think i'm going to go sit outside and read. i do have three new books after all.

have a wonderful evening.

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[21 Dec 2004|02:56am]
[ mood | happy ]

yaaay what a good night. i spent the last six hours over at alex's house. i was on my way to wally mart and offered to drop off a cd. i never made it to wal-mart. it was me and the boys... and only boys. i love being the only girl. that's how it is at lunch on b-days.

there was a lot of halo, some weird hide and seek, and then a very intense game of trivial pursuit. the last question before i had to go was the best:

who goes by the name princess aurora?

yes. i kind of eeked.

i had a really good talk with Filla when we went to get his brother. and his brother? woah. i hadn’t seen him in like… three years. so now he’s all deep voiced and taller than me and way cute.

and i may go see a movie again tomorrow so that'll be loads of fun.

yay. i love winter break!

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a public entry? what?! [24 Aug 2004|05:45pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

So if you don't have Mrs Beyette (WHOM I LOVE), she has us write in journals. The following is my journal entry due tomorrow. As I have never posted anything I've actually written (like... for non-LJ purposes) this is new for me. But simply put, I had fun writing this and, for once, liked my end result. So... here you go!

I started writing about my friend Alex, and then scrapped it because I was trying too hard to formulate something. So hopefully the following will be a better projection of who he is in my life.

So my relationship with Alex goes something like this: Today on the ride home from school we got onto the topic of button-fly jeans. Boys, it seems, do not like them because it adds to the thirty seconds it takes them to use the restroom. As I am not a boy, I wondered aloud if zippers were the more painful of the two… for boys, you see. They are not dangerous, according to Alex, for he knows how to pee. (Truly, that was his explanation.) In my defense I explained to him that I would not genuinely know these things for, as a I am a girl (and to that I add a hearty “Hooray!”), I cannot stand up and relieve myself simultaneously. To Alex, however, this is exactly what sets apart men and women, and consequently makes men better. He then spoke with much of his Alexy wisdom, “X-Box is better just because of Halo. ‘Cause, you know, Playstation 2 has more games, but it doesn’t have Halo, and Halo is the greatest game of all time.” A fantastic argument, if I do say so myself. He linked that to mean that even though girls have a ton going for them, they do not have the simple ability to stay on their feet during urination.

The proceeding conversation was just a little glimpse into the life Alex and I lead as friends. And, much to my pleasure, it is like that all the time.

Alex is my buddy. I roll my eyes at him at least twice a day and I often have to remind him not to strain his neck if something in a skirt passes into his line of vision, but I love him for that. He’s one of the only people who gets my sarcasm all of the time. He knows that when I tell him to pack a diaper bag for outings with his Sophomore girlfriend that I’m purely teasing him.

Today at lunch I listened with intent as he explained that there is no difference between free and stealing. And then I rolled my eyes. As that is exactly who we are.

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[11 May 2004|10:16pm]
[ mood | sick ]

new screen name:


IM me please... i lost my buddy list :(

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[05 Apr 2004|11:21pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]


So comment, and you might be added.
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